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Christmas Photos


When I think of Christmas I try to think of what I can give that will last and be appreciated… and photos is one of those things that will last, and is always appreciated by Mum and Grandma.

“All Mum (and Grandma) want for Christmas is you.”

So a quick, simple and inexpensive but professional way to have your couple, family or extended family photo updated is with one of my super mini studio sessions; super mini because they are really short… just 15 minutes (30 minutes for extended family groups) and I’m aiming to produce just three (three or four for extended family groups) great shots for you. No more. Studio style because it’s private, with no wind, heat or rain to distract us and allow me to focus on getting beautiful expressions and create classic portraits.

For families and couples, your ordering session will follow immediately after your shoot. For extended families, we’ll organise a time on the spot for during the following week for the buyers in the family to order (it takes a lot more time to go over images with a lot more people in them, and a lot more people all trying to see the screen!)

The packages details are laid out here. It’s entirely up to you what you buy; there’s definitely no hard sell.

So, the next super mini is on….

Saturday, 10 December 2016
at Carey Baptist College, 51 Wright Street, Harrisdale (Western Australia)
Session fee is $35 ($45 for extended families)
Packages start at $120

Book online NOW!  Or if you have questions, please send me a message.

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