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DIY Photo Tip: Get Some Light On the Situation

One of the quickest ways to improve your happy snaps is to get some light on the situation. With extra light, photos come out sharper and less grainy.  Still not pro shots, but certainly much better.

At our home, we are lucky to have a bank of lights on the ceiling of our living room, and I’ve loaded it up with brighter bulbs.  If something is happening that I want a photo of, I switch the light on on my way past to get my phone (best camera for the job is the one you have with you – or quickest to be accessed), and we have extra light on the situation. In your home you might have lamp that can add extra light when you need it.

But flicking a switch isn’t always going to fix the problem.  Sometimes you’ll need to move the subject into better light; if it’s daylight you could move closer to a window or outside if necessary. Sometimes, it might be a simple matter of turning the subject around to face the source of the light, and that can be all that’s necessary to improve the shot.

And sometimes, well sometimes you just can’t move the subject and you’ll just have to put up with blurier, grainer photos. Otherwise that magic moment will pass by.

For your happy snaps, do what can be easily and quickly done to get some light on the situation and your photos will be sharper and less grainy.