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What to wear

Well, you’ve booked your photo session and paid the sitting fee. Now the question is, “what should you wear?”

Different photographers have different ideas on what to do at this point. Some will get involved in clothing choice to the point of coming around to your house and digging through your closest. Other’s are laize faire (whatever you want to do). My approach is to let you know of some things to think about – then you decide take it as far you want.
So, here’s some things to think about when dressing your family for your next photo session…


  • Don’t wear big prints, patterns or logos.  They are distraction from the beautiful faces in the photo.
  • Don’t be super matchy.  You know, the same coloured (white, blue or black) tops with jeans…. I know, you might have done it too – time to move on.


  • Do choose a colour palette for the clothes and accessories. The simplest way to do this is to buy new clothes for the whole family, as each seasons clothes at the shops tend to go well together.  Not everyone can afford to do that, but you’ll get the idea when you’re looking around.
  • When choosing a colour palette – do consider the colour of the furniture and decor in the room you’ll be displaying your photos. Seems funny, but if you look at a room that has been styled by professionals, even the colours of the artwork blends with the colour palette of the rest of the materails in the room.
  • Do consider buying new clothes, as they don’t have that pilling all over that doesn’t look so great in photos. Or consider purchasing a clothing shaver to shave the pilling off.
  • Do choose clothes you feel comfortable and confident in.
  • Do use good clothing choices to enhance your figure, and disguise your least favourites things.  Eg. those well earned Mum chicken wings can be hidden under a bolero cardigan.
  • Do wear clothes that are totally you – even if it means breaking one of the “don’t” rules.
I’ve started a Pinterest board with visual ideas that other photographers have been showing their clients.
As I said above, take this advice as far as you want – it’s your photos, and I’m not going to judge you.