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DIY Tip: The Best Camera is …

“The best camera is the one that’s with you”.

I heard Chase Jarvis, photographer and entrepreneur, say this some years back. And he’s right. If you want to capture something and you’ve left your big beast camera at home – you use your mobile phone don’t you? The camera in recent mobile phones are pretty decent to take some happy snaps – so why wouldn’t you?

I took this sunset photo while out on a walking with my husband earlier in the year. And it was taken with the best camera I had with me – my mobile phone. It’ll never be printed much bigger than a postcard, and the colours would have come up better if I’d used my pro camera.  But the choice was – give it a go with the camera I had, or don’t take it at all.  I choose the camera that was in my hand at the time. And I’m glad I did.

So, the best choice of camera is the one that’s with me.

20160127 20160127_193654Photo Location: Riverton, WA.