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I’m back with Super Mini Portrait Session

A look at the date of the last post reminds me that its been a while, like a couple of years, since I’ve posted on here.  I have been busy growing my family.  My first bubba is now 2.75 years and keeps me busy.  Then last year we so very pleased to announce that we were expecting again.  Sadly, at the 19 week scan we found out that Nathanael’s life was only going to be brief, with a congenital defect (Diaphragmatic Hernia – CDH) that meant he’d never be able to breath after birth, and a very rare chromosomal disorder (Pallister Killian Syndrome – PKS) that would have provided many more complications for his little life.   He passed away during birth in October last year.

We were very grateful for the services of a volunteer photographer from Heartfelt the morning afterwards, who took some beautiful photos for us to remember Nathanael by.  I look at them often, with some on a wall in the lounge room and others by our bedside.  Photos of family and loved ones have never meant more to me than they do now.

Well, life moves on, and I’m slowly getting back into offering my own services as a photographer.  I’ve been quietly helping some families record this moment in their lives recently, but now it’s time to say “I’m back” out loud.  So here we go!

I’m back!

And I’m back with a Super Mini Portrait session on Saturday, 12 December 2015 –  just in time for Christmas gifts.

Super Mini Portrait Session. 12 December 2015

Some find that the full price for a full session doesn’t work for their budget.   In which case, this option will suit you.  The sitting fee is $20, and packages are from $115.

More info and pricing on these sessions can be found here.

Let me know  if you’re interested or have any questions.