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Hello, I’m Back!

Yes, I’ve taken most of this year off to work on a very important project – my son.  We’ve also moved house, and my husband started a new job!  All of this during the first half of this year. Yes, we’ve had a big year and couldn’t have done it without the help of so many wonderful family and friends.  But we are now very much settled and loving being parents together to our precious bundle of joy – who is laughing and rolling around the floor as I type this!

But now, I’m dabbling in a little bit of photography here and there, particularly for any past clients who would like my services for their Christmas family photos.

I’ll leave you with some images that are special to me, including the first one by my husband (I set it up and he took it under instruction) and the next two by my father (with me as creative director – can’t help it really).  The remaining two are by me.  Enjoy!