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Sonam and Nuri are Married!

These are photos from the lovely Indonesian/Bhutanese Wedding of Sonam and Nuri held last month.  It was over two days, with the cultural and Muslim ceremony on Thursday evening at a home in Alfred Cove, and then off to the Perth Registry Office on Friday morning, followed by photos at Heathcote in Applecross.

Nuri wore a traditional Indonesian dress with a sash and broach.

Nuri’s Aunty helped with hair and make up and did a lovely job.  The photo below, right is Nuri with her Mum watching.

Before the ceremony was a Proposal Ceremony where Sonam’s Uncle (on behalf of Sonam’s parents and Sonam himself) asked Nuri’s parents for Nuri’s hand in marriage.  Nuri’s father then asked his daughter and she responded to her father.  Nuri’s father then formally responded to Sonam’s Uncle and a dowry was passed from Sonam’s Uncle to Nuri’s Father.  Sonam was then entrusted to the care of Nuri’s father for the formal ceremony.

This is the key moment in the ceremony where responsibility for Nuri is transferred from Nuri’s father to Sonam.  The Imam (Muslim Priest or leader) affirms the agreement.

Nuri accepts Sonam as her husband.

Then it was time to party!!  More of those photos can be found on Facebook.  In Australia we’d have a small ‘favour’ on the table at the reception for the guests; chocolates or traditionally, sugar almonds.  Well, Sonam and Nuri’s guests each received a lovely Indonesian table runner, and I was very privileged to receive one also!

Then on Friday morning it was off to the Perth Registry Office to have the marriage legally recognised.  This is also how a Muslim wedding would work in Indonesia.  For the Registry ceremony, Sonam and his uncle wore their national dress.

And now they’re married!

Now the parties really start, with some really big receptions to be held in Indonesia and Bhutan this month.

Thank you Sonam and Nuri for allowing me to be a part of this special occasion.

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