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Clamshell Box

I don’t think a box has ever got me so excited, but having this one arrive yesterday afternoon did!  Adding a box to your Coffee Table book order will protect it from accidental spills and damage that may occur.  And now I have one in my possession that you can see and touch (and smell if that’s what you really want to do!)

This is a sample of the Clamshell presentation box.  It is matte black, has a smooth surface, and is quite sturdy in construction.

I have included one of my personal digital scrapbooks to show you that you can open up the book without taking it out of the box, if that’s your wish.  It’s also easy to lift the book out of the box, where as a normal two piece box would mean that you’d need to tip the bottom piece upside down so that the book falls out of the box.  Not very elegant for your gorgeous wedding or portrait album!  This Clamshell presentation box, on the other hand, is quite elegant to look at, touch and use.

This one is a plain Clamshell; for a little extra you can have a printed cover on the top to personalise it and have it go with the coffee table book contained inside.

If you haven’t put your wedding photos into an album yet, whether digital or film, it’s not too late to have a beautiful album to share with your children or grandchildren!  Please contact me to discuss what I can do for you.