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Book Cover

I’m so excited – I’ve been published in a book!

A couple of years back I was delivering some Wedding Photobooks when I was asked by one of my lecturers and former Pastor of my church, Dr. Evelyn Ashley if I could help with providing a photo for the cover of her book and head-shot as well.  Her Ph.D was going to be published, but she had some work to do get it suitable for publication.  Well, sure!  So, almost a couple of years later, Evelyn is around picking up prints from her recent family portrait session and she brings her book around for me to photograph.  My hubby loves to write, and he was home when Evelyn came by and I could see him enjoying the feel and smell of the crisp, new pages and longing to sit down and have a read.

My contribution to Evelyn’s book is minuscule compared to her years of reading and research, so I feel really quite privileged that my name should end up on the copyright page, along with another of my respected lecturers Dr. Richard K. Moore, in a book that should hold some significance in the world of theological study.

Congratulations Evelyn.

Evelyn’s hardcover book can be purchased online at Amazon or Barns and Noble.