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Cameron and Erin | Midland

I met Cameron and Erin just last weekend by the Swan River near Midland for their engagement session.  We had a stroll along the river bank, stopping to take photos here and there.  I can see already that we’re going to have a blast at their wedding – can’t wait!

I can hear you asking – what’s the point of an engagement session?  Well, it’s so I can get to know you, and you me, and get comfortable with the camera pointing at you.

I can hear you maybe agreeing with that, but wondering what you do with the photos, afterall, you’re about to spend alot on Wedding photos.  Well, Cameron and Erin will be using their photos in a personalised guest book, which you will have to wait until after the wedding to see.  Other’s use the photos on their invitations and program leaflets.  So, all round, there’s alot to be gained from having an engagement session.