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Sunset Love | Perth Portrait Photographer

What a lovely couple!  I met up with Luciana and David on the public holiday we had on Monday.  And I’m so in love with these photos that I had to share them with you now.  Here’s my favourites.  We started off using up all the long shadows first for some soft, even lighting. This next one is a crop of the one above.  Interesting what a difference a change in the cropping can make.

Then it was out to the beach for the last 20 minutes of sunlight in the ‘golden hour.  And you can see why it’s called that in these next shots.

The wind was a bit a of  challenge.  Okay, it was a lot of a challenge, as can be seen in this next one.  I want to Photoshop the flyaway hairs, but Photoshop is not working at the moment – looks like I’ve got some hours ahead to get the computer sorted out so I can complete the editing on this one.  But part from the hair, it’s ready.  What do you think?  Should I leave it as it is now, or do the hair edits?

Thank you Luciana and David, you guys really rocked this session.