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A Personalised Thank You from Google?!

Yes, today I received a personal thank you message from Google AdWords.  And it wasn’t just a note or an email with a field where my name goes in, it was a video!

Don’t belive me?  Then you’ll just have to have a look for yourself >> Google AdWords thanks SJ Creative

I really wasn’t sure about the whole thing to start with; I’m looking at this lady saying that they tried to think of a way to personally thank me, and I’m thinking there’s no way you can do that with a video!! So this will be a video about attempting to do that but not succeeding.  But as it went along, I saw that it was personalised (okay, they have some fancy programming in the back to do it, but so what) and there, three times in the video is a little thank you to SJ Creative for advertising with Google!

So the challenge is to find ‘’ three times in the video.  I missed the first place the first time around, so see if you can do better than me and tell me if you get it the first time around, now that I’ve told you to look out for it.

Of course I won’t be the only one who’s recieved this video, so I can bet you’ll be seeing this video go viral pretty soon.  Very clever Google.