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Computer Problems

My appologies if you’ve been trying to contact me.  My computer turned three years old this last week, which I’m told is the age at which I should have retired my poor old computer.  And because I didn’t retire it, it is having some serious issues at the moment and is presently being looked at.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty serious, so its going to take a while to get it sorted out.

So, in the meantime, I don’t have access to my contacts list, work email or pretty much most things at the moment.  Fortunately I can use my husband’s laptop and still have access to some things online, like this website and personal email which has meant that I’ve been able reset the contact form to go to an email address I can access online.

So, if you’ve been trying to contact me, please try again through the contact form and I will be able to be in touch soon.

Well, given that’s the extent of work I can do today, I’m off to get as much Christmas preparation done as possible while I wait on my IT consultant to get back to me.  I’ll still be checking emails once or twice a day.

Many thanks for your patience.  ~ Sarah


Well, I got a lot of Christmas preparation done yesterday.  Which leaves me to time to catch up with emails and processing this afternoon now that it’s all fixed.  Many thanks for to everyone for your patience.